My full name is Vaughan Brendan ''Brandon'' DeHart. I go by Brandon DeHart. I own a 200-acre ranch in Mohave County with my fiance, where we have a private shooting range and apiary (beehives). I own Golden Mesa Bees, and I recently founded a political action committee focused on advancing Republican candidates who believe in conservative liberty-focused principles. I was born in New Jersey and have lived in Colorado, California and Puerto Rico over the years. I was drawn to Arizona because it is one of the last ''free'' places in America. I wanted to be around like-minded people. Arizona is now my forever home. I plan to go to the United States House of Representatives to represent the remarkable citizens of this great state.

I come from a family with humble beginnings. My father worked as a maintenance man at a high school, and my mother stayed at home with the kids. Nobody in my family has ever held public office. I managed a movie theatre for many years while learning to fly and obtaining increasingly more advanced FAA pilot ratings. I then flight instructed for a few years, and began working for an airline flying CRJ-900 jets. I was elected as the Chairman of Safety for our pilot's association, representing thousands of pilots at my airline.

My goal in Congress is simple. I'm aiming to protect the right of individual Americans to live their lives the way they want to without the oppressive burden of large government. I'm a Christian, and I hold traditional Christian values. However, I recognize that the most unique part of the United States is that people should be guaranteed to live their lives the way they want, even if I may live a different way. Accordingly, I believe that government should be uninvolved in the lives of private citizens. In other words, it's none of my business!

I will accomplish these goals by limiting the power of government, limiting spending, and prioritizing individual liberty by adhering to the inherent rights outlined in the Constitution.