As your Congressman, I will go to DC to challenge big government and protect your rights. I will fight to:


Defend Individual Freedom

Protect the Constitution – The Constitution is the founding document of our great democratic republic. It recognizes many of our inherent freedoms and is the roadmap to a just and successful government. When in doubt, I will always turn to the Constitution and remember my oath to uphold it.

Protect freedom of association — People and organizations should be free to voluntarily form groups and organizations (including corporations and companies) that may share common goals and beliefs.

Protect freedom of speech — People and organizations should be free to speak an opinion, advertise and comment, even in ways others may strongly disagree with or find offensive.

Protect freedom of religion — People and organizations should be free from being forced to act against religious convictions or obstructed in the ability to practice religion, even if others may disagree with the religious practice.

Protect freedom of the press — People and organizations should be be free to gather and report news without violence or persecution by the government or entities protected by the government.

Protect freedom of protest — People and organizations should be free to peacefully protest for or against any matter, even those that others may disagree with.

Protect freedom to petition the government — People and organizations should be free bring a lawsuit against the government for violation of the law and rights, and to file complaints against the government.

Protect freedom of self-defense — People and organizations should be free to own and carry the means of self-defense, which includes any commonly-owned weapons (AR-15, rifles, handguns, shotguns, knives, tasers, pepper sprays, stun guns) and accessories (30+ round magazines, bump stocks) which may be purchased online or in person, and to do so without needing a permit or license. (See How I Will Accomplish This)

Protect freedom of life — The unborn have a right to life. I oppose abortion. We should support nonprofit organizations and community groups in providing support to mothers. We should back safe-haven laws (and promote awareness of them), properly support adoption agencies and streamline the adoption process.

Protect freedom of marriage — Adults should be free to marry other consenting adults, this includes same-sex marriage. Although my Christian religion recognizes marriage as being between a man and a woman, I believe that in a free country, adults have the freedom to associate with the adults they choose. Individual churches and ministers should always have the right to decide which marriages they will perform ceremonies for or recognize in their church.

Protect freedom of bodily autonomy — People should be free to make medical choices for their own body, as long as it doesn’t do harm to the unborn, and to maintain the means of self-defense through the right to keep and bear arms. Marijuana consumption in a private setting, although I personally disagree with its use (I don’t even drink alcohol), should be decriminalized to allow law enforcement to focus their resources on violent crimes that threaten the safety of our communities.

Protect freedom from persecution — Law enforcement should be focused on apprehending offenders of violent crimes (e.g. murder, sexual assault) and property crimes (burglary), and there should be greater oversight of police departments and federal branches of law enforcement.

Protect freedom of property — People and organizations should be free to keep their personal belongings, businesses and land. They should be free from the trespass or taking of private property.

Protect freedom of privacy — People and organizations should have privacy in electronic, verbal and written communications. They should have freedom from unwarranted search and seizure at home, at their businesses and on their person.  The PATRIOT Act, which allows for warrantless spying on American citizens, should be repealed.

Protect freedom of travel and movement — United States citizens should be free to travel within the United States, and to leave to travel internationally, without restriction by the United States government. The United States should have a secure system of immigration that adheres to reasonable timeframes, is merit-based, and immerses immigrants in the values of America’s Constitutionally protected freedoms. We should maintain comprehensive border security. We should find a permanent legislative solution that creates a path for work permits and residency for current DACA recipients (children who were brought to the USA by their parents as minors and lived continuously in the United States since June 15, 2007).

Protect freedom of due process — People and organizations should be innocent until proven guilty, have a speedy public trial by a jury of their peers, be free to question the witnesses against them, be able to present their own witnesses, have an appointed lawyer to assist in defense in criminal and some civil matters (title IX investigations) if unable to afford a lawyer, only be tried once for any given offense, and not be subject to cruel or unusual punishment (torture, excessive imprisonment or fines that do not align with the crime committed).

Protect freedom of voting and civic participation — United States citizens should be able to participate in the selection of public servants through voting and to be able to serve as an elected representative in government without any restrictions beyond those outlined in the Constitution (for example, elected service or voting should never require a specific educational background, land ownership, wealth etc..). There should be strong voter identification laws that protect the security of our elections and ensure only United States citizens vote in our elections.

Protect freedom of finances — People and organizations should be free to make financial decisions without undue interference by the government, including the entering of contracts for employment, services, and housing.

Protect freedom to keep one’s earnings — People and organizations should be free to keep the fruits of their labor and investments to the maximum extent by limiting taxation.

Protect state’s rights (federalism) — State and local elected officials should have a large role in many issues of governance. Oftentimes, politicians far away in Washington, DC won’t be best able to make decisions that are right for the entire country. This concept, federalism, is a key part of our Constitution. However, when a state or local government is infringing upon their citizen’s inherent rights, I believe it is key for the federal government to step in.

Protect parent’s rights — Parents should be the final authority related to what and how their children are taught.

Promote Economic Conservatism

Incentivize competition — We should remove the bureaucratic barriers to entry for entrepreneurs wishing to form or run a profitable business. We should provide transparency to fair trade policies that prevent monopolistic or anti-competitive business practices.

Reduce and simplify taxation — We should cut personal and corporate income taxes, capital gains taxes, inheritance taxes, and sales taxes. We should return surplus tax revenue over a certain percentage that isn’t required to pay down national debt to the taxpayer. We should implement a flat tax and simplify the internal revenue code.

Shrink the national debt — We should shift surplus tax revenue, up to a certain percentage, into paying down the principal of the national debt.

Pass a balanced budget amendment — We should pass a balanced budget Amendment to the US Constitution, which requires that the federal government may not spend more than its income except in times of recession, war or other national emergency.

Reduce spending — We should cut unnecessary spending across the board by looking to maximize efficiencies and closing government agencies or bureaus that are proving to waste taxpayer money.

Reform welfare —  We should reform welfare programs that trap able-bodied people in a cycle of dependency and deprive them of the dignity of work, by instituting time limitations on welfare benefits to incentivize recipients to seek gainful employment.

Protect the Great Outdoors

Protect private property rights — People and organizations should be free to use, cultivate, and build on their private property as they see fit.

Protect public lands —  We should manage currently held public lands in a way that ensures the individual enjoyment of public lands for future generations. Elected officials should cautiously consider proposed uses of public land for oil/mineral extraction or solar/wind development in areas of natural beauty by balancing the individual enjoyment of public lands with the need to maintain energy and resource independence as a nation. We should promote grazing leases on public land historically used for that purpose.

Protect plant and animal species — We should uphold the provisions of the Endangered Species Act and ensure effective fish and wildlife management programs.

Incentivize the protection of natural beauty on private lands — We should provide tax breaks for private land that is preserved undeveloped and opened to the public’s recreational enjoyment.

Promote environmental research — We should provide tax incentives to individuals and corporations that donate to research and conservation non-profits that support the study of the natural world and its biological wonders.

Secure Liberty

Promote open, honest and secure elections — We should ensure that proof of US citizenship is required when registering to vote and ensure that voters must present identification when voting in person and a signature/identification verification when voting by mail. We should ensure that the public and representatives from all campaigns have the ability to monitor and audit election results.

Support and fully fund law enforcement — We should ensure our local police departments, state and federal law enforcement agencies are properly funded and that law enforcement officers receive the highest levels of initial and continuing training. We should equip law enforcement to investigate violent crimes and property crimes which keeps our communities and our country safe and secure while respecting all of the individual rights of the people.

Appoint and confirm textualist judges — We should nominate or appoint judges who interpret the Constitution and our laws as they are written.

Limit the power of the administrative state — We should put the power of government agencies directly into the hands of elected officials as opposed to unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats.

Maintain robust national defense — We should maintain a robust national defense to protect from enemies abroad who wish to threaten US sovereignty. We should limit expensive foreign interventions.

Maintain robust border security — We should ensure that any person entering the United States is properly screened and are not affiliated with terrorist or criminal organizations.